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Being a  regular and loyal client at HYPE  gives you certain privileges…

And one of them is membership to our exclusive Client Lounge.


You will find all sorts of information and inspiration – such as…

  •  videos we have made especially for you to show you exactly how to style your hair (all the trade secrets!)
  • all the ‘latest and greatest’ to help you look your best…
  • even some great ideas for entertaining your friends!
  • AND (of course) the best deals are only for you and can be downloaded on the Client Lounge page.

You will love it!  We constantly update the client lounge so make sure you check it out often!


How to use The Client Lounge

As a VIP client at HYPE you will have created your username and password.

Simply use those details to login below.



Suzanne and the Hype team


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