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Hype Keratin Hair Straightening

The Hype Keratin hair treatment is a keratin-based treatment that straightens your hair naturally without harsh chemicals.  This incredible treatment is ideal if you have curly, frizzy or damaged hair.   By infusing keratin deep into your hair cuticle, Hype Keratin uses the hair’s natural ingredient to achieve radical shine, beautiful smoothness and healthy manageable styling.

Hype Keratin Treatment is natural looking as your hair is not left pin straight – it still has body and bounce – and lasts up to 4 months eventually washing out.  The immediate result is soft, shiny, healthy and luxurious – and unlike other chemical treatments and relaxers, can be used on coloured or chemically straightened hair.  If your hair has been over-processed or chemically damaged your Hype Keratin treatment will give a better result and the treatment will last longer.  Hype Keratin is a reconditioning treatment that transforms the hair and restores shine.

Hype Keratin Treatment is cheaper than permanent hair straightening because it’s not permanent, and can be washed out if desired.  It can even be used over previous Hype Keratin Treatments, leaving hair in better condition after each successive application.


Short – From $300
Medium – From $350
Long – From $400
Extra Long – From $500

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